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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Newfound Love for Laura Ingraham

I have never been much of a fan of Laura Ingraham, but that changed this morning.

Laura Ingraham was being interviewed on Fox News this morning.

Until this morning, almost everything I heard from Fox News was very much in favor of the bombing of Syria. Donald Trump was acting decisively. Assad needs to go. And so on.

But this morning Laura Ingraham was the first voice that I heard on Fox News to offer another point of view.

Ms. Ingraham pointed out:

  • We heard similar talk about atrocities just before George W. Bush sent troops into Iraq to bring about Regime Change there. Look how well that turned out!
  • We are all appalled that Assad would gas his own people. But there are atrocities happening all over the world. What about the recent bombing of Christian churches in Egypt? Or Muslims burning Christians alive in other parts of Africa and the Middle East? We just got done hosting the leader of China. What about all of the human rights violations that China commits against dissenters? We are very selective in our moral indignation.
  • During the campaign, Trump spoke out forcefully about staying out of the civil wars of other countries. The people in the Rust Belt states that stood in line for hours to attend Trump rallies did not do so to hear about Regime Change in Syria.
  • The people who voted for Trump in the Rust Belt states did not do so because they wanted to send their sons and daughters into another Iraq-style conflict.
  • Saddam was a bad guy. Assad is a bad guy. But in that part of the world, you really must think about who would replace these dictators if we make them go away.

I wish I had recorded that interview with Ms. Ingraham. Perhaps I will be able to find it on YouTube or something. But I thought she really hit the nail on the head.

April 11, 2017


I happened to think of one other point made by #LauraIngraham. She mentioned that if Rust Belt America wanted to revive the (George W.) Bush Doctrine, then Rust Belt America could have voted for neocons like #MarcoRubio or #JebBush. But Rust Belt America did not do that.

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