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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Big Government Is Not Our Friend

From Laissez Faire Capitalism:

Bible-reading woman stabbed by Afghan asylum seeker in Austria — RT News

A Christian woman in her 50s was stabbed by an Afghan migrant while she was reading the Bible in an asylum accommodation in Austria. The attacker later told police that he had assaulted her because he had “personal problems.”

Bible-reading woman stabbed by Afghan asylum seeker in Austria — RT News

Friday, December 30, 2016

Timeless Advice from Rudyard Kipling | Foundation for Economic Education

In Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, two towns 100 miles apart boast different names but nonetheless were named for the same person—though he never set foot in either one. The towns are Kipling and Rudyard, and the honored individual was Rudyard Kipling. A re-reading of a poem he first published 106 years ago is a good way to end one year while planning for the next. I’ll share it with you in a moment, but first a few words about the man.

Timeless Advice from Rudyard Kipling | Foundation for Economic Education

5 Blood-Boiling Cases of Government Overreach | Foundation for Economic Education

Every year the number of regulations, dictates, rules, decrees, guidelines, statutes, laws, and bylaws in the United States grows by leaps and bounds. Just look at the growth in the number of final rules contained in the Federal Register:

5 Blood-Boiling Cases of Government Overreach | Foundation for Economic Education



I'm Becoming a KISS Fan

From Fox News:

This morning on Fox & FriendsGene Simmons said his only New Year's resolution is to continue waking up grateful that he lives in the United States of America. 

‘Not the Russians’: John McAfee talks hacking allegations, cybersecurity with Larry King (VIDEO) — RT America

Following the release of an FBI report outlining Russia’s alleged role in hacking the 2016 election, Larry King sat down to talk with tech pioneer John McAfee to discuss the current state of cybersecurity.

‘Not the Russians’: John McAfee talks hacking allegations, cybersecurity with Larry King (VIDEO) — RT America

Putin: Russia will not expel anyone in response to US sanctions — RT News

The Russian president has rejected a suggestion of the foreign ministry to expel 35 American diplomats in response to a similar move by the US. He said Obama’s act was designed to provoke a reaction, but Russia would not take the bait.

Putin: Russia will not expel anyone in response to US sanctions — RT News

ISIS, sectarian conflict & chaos: Iraq 10 years after Saddam Hussein’s death — RT America

A decade after Saddam Hussein was tried, convicted and executed, Iraq is struggling to defeat Islamic State and cope with sectarian strife and other consequences of the US-led invasion.

ISIS, sectarian conflict & chaos: Iraq 10 years after Saddam Hussein’s death — RT America

Major Russian bank wipes out Tu-154 plane crash victims' debt — RT Business

State-run Sberbank has written off loans taken out by the victims of the Russia’s Tu-154 airplane crash last Sunday, according to Transport Minister Maksim Sokolov.

Major Russian bank wipes out Tu-154 plane crash victims' debt — RT Business

Texas cop lets weed-smoking teen choose between pushups or jail (VIDEO) — RT America

A teenager in Arlington, Texas, was caught smoking weed by a police officer. But instead of arresting the teen, Officer Eric Ball decided to borrow some disciplinary tactics from his high school football days and had the teen drop and give him 200 pushups.

Texas cop lets weed-smoking teen choose between pushups or jail (VIDEO) — RT America

In Other Words, Someone That Soros Cannot Control

From Fox Business:

Billionaire George Soros is not holding back his criticism for President-elect Donald J. Trump. The 86-year-old investor said he finds "the current moment in history very painful" following the results of the 2016 presidential election.

Guardian engaged in ‘journalistic fraud’ in Assange interview rewrite – Greenwald — RT News

Journalist Glenn Greenwald has accused his former employer, The Guardian, of falsifying the words of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange in a report about the interview he gave to La Repubblica.

Guardian engaged in ‘journalistic fraud’ in Assange interview rewrite – Greenwald — RT News

Freedom of Speech is Vital to a Civilized Society

Civilization depends on reason; freedom means the freedom to think, then act accordingly; the rights of free speech and a free press implement the sovereignty of reason over brute force. If civilized existence is to be possible, the right of the individual to exercise his rational faculty must be inviolable.

-  Leonard Peikoff

Trump to privatize the VA?

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Why the Obama Administration imposed sanctions on Russia

The Faith of the Fathers

From Thomas Paine:

"The universe is the bible of a true Theophilanthropist. It is there that he reads of God. It is there that the proofs of his existence are to be sought and to be found. As to written or printed books, by whatever name they are called, they are the works of man's hands, and carry no evidence in themselves that God is the author of any of them. It must be in something that man could not make, that we must seek evidence for our belief, and that something is the universe; the true bible; the inimitable word, of God." 

Thomas Paine, 1798

(Image via NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration ) 



Another Court Blasts Unconstitutional, Race-Based Voting - Judicial Watch

The courts just handed unconstitutional, race-based voting—backed by the Obama administration—another defeat as the government agency charged with cracking down on such violations fails miserably to do its job. Private citizens and groups such as Judicial Watch have been forced to take legal action at their own expense to stop these racist voting practices that clearly infringe on an assortment of federal statutes.

Another Court Blasts Unconstitutional, Race-Based Voting - Judicial Watch

Chofer de Uber rescata a una adolescente víctima de explotación sexual - Univision 34 Los Angeles - Univision

Un taxista hispano de la empresa Uber en el norte de California llamó a la policía al darse cuenta que su joven pasajera estaba siendo instruida para prostituirse.

Chofer de Uber rescata a una adolescente víctima de explotación sexual - Univision 34 Los Angeles - Univision

Alexander Hamilton on the Sacred Rights of Mankind

From The Founders, Religion and Government:

"The sacred rights of mankind are not to be rummaged for, among old parchments, or musty records. They are written, as with a sun beam, in the whole volume of human nature, by the hand of the divinity itself; and can never be erased or obscured by mortal power."
~ Alexander Hamilton, The Farmer Refuted (February 23, 1775)

Meme by LuAnne


SJW's target roasts, last realm of politically incorrect speech

Senators Scott and Lankford Discuss Their Solution Sundays Initiative

#TimScott #SenatorScott

Dave Rubin: Why I'm Still a Liberal

Second Amendment Women


Central Bankers Are Losing Faith in Their Own Alchemy | Mises Wire

Mervyn King is the British Ben Bernanke. An eminent academic economist, who now teaches both at New York University and the London School of Economics, King was from 2003 to 2013 Governor of the Bank of England. In short, he is a very big deal. Remarkably, in The End of Alchemy he frequently sounds like Murray Rothbard.

Central Bankers Are Losing Faith in Their Own Alchemy | Mises Wire

How to Be a Light for Liberty in the New Year | Foundation for Economic Education

With the beginning of 2017, what might be a “New Year’s resolution” for a friend of freedom? One answer is for each of us to do our best to become “lights of liberty” that will attract others to the cause of freedom and the free society.

How to Be a Light for Liberty in the New Year | Foundation for Economic Education

Bahraini rights activist Nabeel Rajab released on bail, immediately rear...

‘Any further hostile actions from US will trigger Moscow reaction’ – For...

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Thomas Sowell on Socialism

From The Heritage Foundation:

The Ideal Government

From The Pragmatic Libertarian:

Venezuela military trafficking food as country goes hungry | Miami Herald

When hunger drew tens of thousands of Venezuelans to the streets last summer in protest, President Nicolas Maduro turned to the military to manage the country's diminished food supply, putting generals in charge of everything from butter to rice.
But instead of fighting hunger, the military is making money from it, an Associated Press investigation shows. That's what grocer Jose Campos found when he ran out of pantry staples this year. In the middle of the night, he would travel to an illegal market run by the military to buy corn flour — at 100 times the government-set price.

Read more here:

Venezuela military trafficking food as country goes hungry | Miami Herald

Franklin Graham, Cardinal Dolan to take part in Trump inauguration | TheHill

Cardinal Timothy Dolan and the Rev. Franklin Graham will take part in President-elect Donald Trump's inauguration ceremony next month, Trump's inaugural committee announced Wednesday.

Franklin Graham, Cardinal Dolan to take part in Trump inauguration | TheHill

United States Jobs

From Fox News:

President-elect Donald J. Trump just announced plans to create 8,000 jobs in the U.S., including 5,000 jobs Sprint plans bring back from other countries.

Read more:

Rubio: Secretary Kerry's Anti-Israel Speech Undermines America's Moral Standing - Press Releases - U.S. Senator for Florida, Marco Rubio

Miami, FL – U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) issued the following statement today regarding Secretary of State John Kerry’s speech on the Middle East peace process: 

Rubio: Secretary Kerry's Anti-Israel Speech Undermines America's Moral Standing - Press Releases - U.S. Senator for Florida, Marco Rubio

Sen. Cruz: History Will Record Obama and Kerry As Relentless Enemies of Israel

From Senator Ted Cruz:

Sen. Cruz: History Will Record Obama and Kerry As Relentless Enemies of Israel

December 28, 2016



WASHINGTON, D.C. -- U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) issued the following statement in response to Secretary of State John Kerry's speech concerning Israel today: 
"Like bitter clingers, President Obama and Secretary Kerry are spending every last minute of this administration wreaking havoc domestically and abroad. With their last breath in office, they have struck at Israel, through the United Nations and through today's disgraceful speech.
"These acts are shameful. They are designed to secure a legacy, and indeed they have: history will record and the world will fully understand Obama and Kerry as relentless enemies of Israel. Their actions were designed to weaken and marginalize Israel, and to embolden its enemies. 
"Today's speech -- like Kerry's 2014 remarks likening Israel to an apartheid state -- will enflame rising anti-Semitism in Europe. It will encourage the mullahs who hate Israel and hate America. And it will facilitate 'law-fare,' growing legal assaults on Israel through transnational legal fora. 
"Kerry's speech drew a stunning moral equivalence between our great ally Israel and the Palestinian Authority, currently formed in a 'unity' government with the vicious terrorists of Hamas. Secretary Kerry declared the Hamas regime in Gaza ‘radical,’ in the same way he declared the duly-elected government of Israel ‘extreme.’ He declared vicious terrorism sponsored by Hamas equal to Israeli settlements in West Bank. And he equated Israel's celebration of its birth with the Palestinian description of this event as the ‘disaster.’ His speech attempted to lay out an historic and seismic shift towards the delegitimization of our ally, Israel, and the further empowerment of the Palestinian Authority. 
"Kerry's central conclusion, that 'Israel can either be Jewish or democratic, it cannot be both' is an inanity that passes as profound only in Ivory Tower faculty lounges. There are roughly 50 majority-Muslim countries in the world. There is one -- only one -- Jewish state. And yet, for Kerry and Obama, that is too much.  The Israeli Knesset has 17 elected Arab members. It has Muslim members and Christian members. In contrast, one searches in vain for Muslim countries that have elected Jewish representatives.  
"It is a sign of their radicalism and refusal to defend American interests, that Obama and Kerry choose to attack the only inclusive democracy in the Middle East -- a strong, steadfast ally of America -- while turning a blind eye to the Islamic terrorism that grows daily. 
"America is an unshakable friend of Israel, and we are horrified at what has transpired this week.  
"I believe Obama's and Kerry's shameful conduct will backfire. That it will be short-lived, and will inspire a bipartisan repudiation of their radical anti-Israel agenda.
"All Americans who understand the value of the U.S.-Israel alliance must immediately and unequivocally reject their false and dangerous narrative, and reassert our fundamental commitment to Israel's security. Thankfully, Congress and the incoming administration can and I hope will take decisive action to intercept the administration’s final and desperate Hail Mary, and that should begin with eliminating U.S. funding to the U.N., unless and until this disgraceful resolution is reversed. 
"I look forward to working with my colleagues on both sides of the aisle as well as the incoming administration to chart a new path forward based on America's national security interests and clear-eyed reality, not on the Obama administration's globalist agenda and wishful thinking."

Debate: Gold or Fiat Money? | Foundation for Economic Education

My GMU Econ and Mercatus Center colleague Larry White takes on my Mercatus Center colleague Scott Sumner on the merits of the gold standard (or, more generally, more free-market monetary systems) compared to merits of fiat money.

Debate: Gold or Fiat Money? | Foundation for Economic Education

Tee Hee!

From Fox News:

2 out of 5 Young Americans Still Live with Their Parents | Foundation for Economic Education

2 out of 5 Young Americans Still Live with Their Parents | Foundation for Economic Education

Why Did 'Faithless Elector' Bill Greene Vote For Ron Paul?


How Production Could Return To The U.S. On Its Own - Being Libertarian

Over the years, lower manufacturing wages in China have led many U.S. companies to contract manufacturing out to Chinese factories. This has many people, including myself, thinking about the impact that could have on the U.S. economy, but there is one thing that might change that: Autonomous technology.

How Production Could Return To The U.S. On Its Own - Being Libertarian

Actually, Friendship Is a Powerful Antidote to Racism

Have you had this happen to you? The topic of racism comes up in casual conversation. Some white person defensively says that he has black friends. He is immediately (and implausibly) denounced. The thinking is that the claim that “some of my best friends are black” is an old canard to cover up...racism. The accused stands there humiliated, stripped bare, seeming to have affirmed his own evil with the invocation of a simple and common-sense point.
The claim that having black friends is a lame excuse – and even evidence of racism – came up in MTV’s recent video: White Guy Resolutions 2017. The video was taken down following the claim it itself was racist. Among the statements in the video: “just because you have black friends doesn't mean you're not racist.”



Modern Maccabees

From Israel Defense Forces:

“During Operation Cast Lead – right after I finished training – a mortar struck me dead on. I lost my left and dominant arm on the spot. I was rushed to Soroka Medical Center in Beersheba, Israel and underwent emergency surgery. But it was too late; I lost my left and dominant arm. 

Six months after the surgery, I decided to stop taking mind-numbing doses of medication for phantom-limb pain. If it was up to the doctors, I would still be on those drugs. But I decided from day one that I wanted to go back to the army, and back to combat.

By mid-2010, a year and a half after the injury, I was back in the IDF. I had to relearn to shoot, load, and unjam a rifle. How to throw grenades, climb rope, and do push ups - all minus an arm.

After completing training, I served in Hebron, and later progressed to command school. I ended my active service leading a squad of thirteen soldiers through their advanced training, and I continue to serve as a Special Forces sharpshooter in the 551st Reserves Brigade.

It’s been nine years since I lost my arm. When I look back, I can’t help but feeling blessed. It was rough, but without knowing it then, I gained insights that still benefit me today.”

1st Sgt. (res.) Izzy #ModernMaccabees

Benjamin Franklin on the Importance of Freedom of Speech

From Thomas Jefferson:

"Freedom of speech is a principal pillar of a free government; when this support is taken away, the constitution of a free society is dissolved, and tyranny is erected on its ruins. Republics and limited monarchies derive their strength and vigor from a popular examination into the action of the magistrates." - Benjamin Franklin, On Freedom of Speech and the Press", Pennsylvania Gazette, 17 November 1737



Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Turkey's Erdogan: 'Confirmed evidence' US-led coalition supports ISIS & other terrorists in Syria

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has said "it's very clear" that the US-led coalition is supporting terrorist groups in Syria, Islamic State (IS, also known as ISIS/ISIL) among them.

Jews & Muslims dance together at Hanukkah party in Bahrain (VIDEO)

A party to celebrate the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah has been held in the Muslim kingdom of Bahrain. A video of Arabs in keffiyehs and Orthodox Jews dancing together to Hasidic music has emerged on social media, quickly gaining popularity.

Illinois Enters the Death Spiral

There’s a somewhat famous quote from Adam Smith (“there is a great deal of ruin in a nation“) about the ability of a country to survive and withstand lots of bad public policy. I’ve tried to get across the same point by explaining that you don’t need perfect policy, or even good policy. A nation can enjoy a bit of growth so long as policy is merely adequate. Just give the private sector some “breathing room,” I’ve argued.

The Truth About Chile's Augusto Pinochet

#TomWoods #Libertarian

Putin launches gas pipeline connecting mainland Russia & Crimea

Israel claims it has clear proof Obama pushed UN settlement vote

360 video: Interviewing Duterte & traveling across Philippines

Lew Rockwell on Current Events: Trump, Cabinet, and Russia

#TomWoods #Libertarian

VidAngel Filters Movies for Families -- So They're Being Sued


Anonymous - Christmas Warning YOU are being Distracted!


Treason Against Western Civilization | David Knight and Stefan Molyneux


The Gospel of Jesus Christ Prescribes the Wisest Rules for Just Conduct

From The Founders, Religion and Government:

"The Gospel of Jesus Christ prescribes the wisest rules for just conduct in every situation of life. Happy they who are enabled to obey them in all situations! . . . My only hope of salvation is in the infinite transcendent love of God manifested to the world by the death of His Son upon the Cross. Nothing but His blood will wash away my sins [Acts 22:16]. I rely exclusively upon it. Come, Lord Jesus! Come quickly! [Revelation 22:20]"
~ Benjamin Rush, The Autobiography of Benjamin Rush
George W. Corner, editor (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1948), pp. 165-166.

We missed a few December birthdays, so today we would like to catch up. We hope you enjoy reading about some of the lesser known Founders.

Christmas Eve marks the anniversary of the birth of Founder Benjamin Rush of Pennsylvania. Rush was a doctor. During the American Revolution he served as the Surgeon General for the Continental Army. During his time in the army he was an opponent of General Washington and worked to have him removed from office. He later regretted his actions and spoke well of Washington.

Rush was also ahead of his time in the area of mental health. He attempted to categorize different forms of mental illness and to theorize their causes. Rush was also one of the first proponents of occupational therapy. He also trained Meriwether Lewis in the treatment of frontier illnesses and first aid. Rush personally prepared a medical kit to accompany the Corps of Discovery on the exploration of the Louisiana Purchase. He was one of the first to publish an account of dengue fever.

Representing his home colony of Pennsylvania, Rush attended the Second Continental Congress and was one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence. He was also a writer, published books on chemistry, medical education, and patriotic works. Thomas Paine even consulted Rush on the writing of his pamphlet Common Sense.

Rush was also an educator. With John Dickinson, he co-founded Dickinson College in Pennsylvania. During his life he trained more than 3,000 medical students. Some of these went on to found a medical school named in his honor.

As a humanitarian, Rush worked to reform prisons and to abolish slavery. During the yellow fever epidemic of 1793 Rush remained in Philadelphia instead of retreating to the country. The epidemic took the lives of many of the city’s residents including the first husband and baby of future first lady Dolley Madison. Rush worked tirelessly seeing as many at 120 patients a day. He worked alongside black Founders Richard Allen and Absalom Jones to care for the victims of the epidemic.

As an abolitionist Rush revealed some contradiction in his personality. When he joined the Pennsylvania Abolition Society he continued to own a slave. Rush also falsely believed that black skin was due to a hereditary skin condition that could be cured. This may be due to a case he reviewed of a slave who lost his pigmentation. He may have misattributed the cause of the skin color, but he correctly attributed the cause of their condition. He argued that they were not morally or intellectually inferior to whites, but only appeared so because of the institution of slavery.

Rush’s work in medicine and in education earned him the nicknames "Father of American Medicine" and "Father of Schools Under the Constitution." His influence and actions during the nation’s founding earned him the name of Founder.



Police Workers Are Turning Away From The Establishment Parties

From Alternative für Deutschland AfD:

++ Polizeibeschäftigte wenden sich von Konsensparteien ab ++

Dieses Bild zeichnet der hessische GdP-Chef, Andreas Grün. Aber wir sind sicher, dass sich dieses Muster mehr der weniger auf ganz Deutschland übertragen lässt.

Die Polizei bekommt immer mehr Aufgaben, die mit wenig Personal und schlechter Ausstattung erledigt werden müssen. Die Justiz fällt der Arbeit oft durch laschen Umgang mit Straftätern in den Rücken. Die Polizisten erhalten kaum Wertschätzung für Ihre Arbeit und die Ausübung ihrer Tätigkeit wird von Jahr zu Jahr gefährlicher. Schon 2015 gab es in Deutschland jeden Tag im Durchschnitt 170 tätliche und verbale Angriffe auf Polizeibeamte. Tendenz seitdem: Stark steigend!

Verantwortlich auch für diese Fehlentwicklung: Die chaotische Politik der Konsensparteien!

Die AfD fordert, die personelle und technische Ausstattung der Polizei stark auszubauen und ein härteres Durchgreifen des Rechtsstaates, damit unsere innere Sicherheit wieder hergestellt wird. Respekt vor Recht und Gesetz sowie vor den Polizisten als Amtspersonen sind wieder herzustellen!

Zeit für Veränderungen! Zeit für die #AfD 

Monday, December 26, 2016

The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam | Robert Spencer

USDA and HHS Partnered this Summer to Help Human Trafficking Survivors in Rural and Tribal Communities

From the #USDA:

Elvis Cordova, Acting Under Secretary for Marketing and Regulatory Programs, U.S. Department of Agriculture, addressing the North Dakota Attorney General’s Human Trafficking Task Force
Elvis Cordova, Acting Under Secretary for Marketing and Regulatory Programs, U.S. Department of Agriculture, addressing the North Dakota Attorney General’s Human Trafficking Task Force in Bismarck, North Dakota
Human trafficking is a form of modern-day slavery and many survivors of it didn’t realize that their situation was a crime. This crime occurs when a trafficker uses force, fraud or coercion to control another person for the purpose of engaging in commercial sex acts or soliciting labor or services against his/her will.  Any child engaged in a commercial sex act is a victim of trafficking, regardless of force, fraud, or coercion.
This summer, USDA and HHS leveraged its resources to coordinate efforts that address the needs of human trafficking survivors in rural and tribal areas.  This joint partnership resulted as part of the Federal Strategic Action Plan on Services for Victims of Human Trafficking in the U.S., a five-year plan by the President’s Interagency Task Force to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons. This Plan outlines more than 250 actions the Federal government will take to coordinate and collaborate on anti-trafficking responses with state, Tribal, and local government and non-government organizations.
In June, July and August, USDA and HHS hosted a series of listening sessions as part of a pilot project so that we could better understand the challenges facing rural and tribal communities when meeting the needs of human trafficking survivors. Leaders from USDA and HHS participated in outreach sessions in Marksville, Louisiana; Bismarck, North Dakota, and New Town, North Dakota; and Denver and Greeley, Colorado. These locations were chosen as pilot states because both USDA and HHS have equal equities in these locations.
In order to launch this joint USDA and HHS pilot project, we used USDA’s StrikeForce for Rural Growth and Opportunity Initiative which works to address the unique set of challenges faced by many of America’s rural and tribal communities. Through StrikeForce, we were able to leverage USDA resources as well as collaborate with partners and stakeholders to improve economic opportunity and quality of life in these areas.  Because USDA’s StrikeForce partners with rural communities and regions on locally-supported projects, the StrikeForce infrastructure was a good mechanism to launch the USDA and HHS pilot project in its efforts to better help rural and tribal communities deal with the human trafficking issues.
Mark Greenberg, (Acting) Assistant Secretary for the Administration of Children and Families speaking at a site visit with the Council on Abused Women Services
Mark Greenberg, (Acting) Assistant Secretary for the Administration of Children and Families speaking at a site visit with the Council on Abused Women Services, in Bismarck, North Dakota
And through HHS’ Administration for Children and Families programs, we were able to work with grantees that serve survivors of human trafficking and who build the capacity of the anti-trafficking field, including local organizations and the National Human Trafficking Hotline. The intersection of human trafficking in rural communities provides a key opportunity for inter-agency collaboration to better understand how rural providers encounter and confront issues of human trafficking, including victim identification, provision of services for survivors, and prevention of trafficking.
Through these outreach sessions, we focused on (1) understanding the challenges facing rural-based service providers in meeting the needs survivors of human trafficking and those at risk of trafficking for safe and appropriate services, (2) recognizing best practices in supportive services for trafficking survivors, and (3) helping identify potential changes in policies, training and technical assistance, outreach, or other areas to better assist rural communities to effectively meet the needs of victims of human trafficking.
These meetings were very insightful and helped us really gain a better understanding about the complexities of such tragic circumstances in these communities.  For example, the outreach session in Newtown, ND connected local law enforcement and the state human trafficking training professionals.  This connection will ensure that Newtown, ND police officers receive training so that they better understand human trafficking and how to spot it in their community.
Because human trafficking is a hidden crime, victims rarely come forward to seek help because of language barriers, fear of the traffickers, and/or fear of law enforcement. Victims might be afraid to come forward or we might not recognize the signs even if it is happening right in front of us.  We need to bring this crime out of the shadows. Traffickers use force, fraud, or coercion to lure their victims and force them into labor or commercial sexual exploitation.
Criminals often prefer conducting illegal activities in rural communities over urban and suburban cities because smaller towns have fewer resources to deal with criminal behavior, including less law enforcement on patrol. While there are a number of factors that drive the presence of human trafficking within rural localities, persistent and disproportionate rates of poverty are often a major contributing factor.
The results and key findings from these invaluable listening sessions will be compiled and released early next year.  Recognizing key indicators of human trafficking is the first step in identifying victims and can help save a life.  The DHS Blue Campaign is a valuable resource for more information about human trafficking.  The Blue Campaign unifies DHS efforts to combat human trafficking.
The National Human Trafficking Hotline (1-888-373-7888), funded by HHS, is a national toll-free hotline answered live 24 hours a day.  Anti-Trafficking Hotline Advocates provide assistance to victims in crisis through safety planning, emotional support and/or immediate connections to emergency services through our network of trained service provider and law enforcement partners.  The hotline also takes tips about potential situations involving all forms of sex and labor trafficking and facilitates reporting to specialized human trafficking task forces, federal authorities, local law enforcement, and service providers throughout the country.
HHS team at the USDA-HHS Listening Session in Greeley, CO
HHS team at the USDA-HHS Listening Session in Greeley, CO. From left to right: Flavia Keenan-Guerra, Program Specialist with the ACF Office on Trafficking in Persons; Jenna Novak, Program Specialist with the National Human Trafficking Hotline; Sandy Naatz, Anti-Trafficking Liaison with ACF Region 8

When People Feel that None of the Major Parties Really Represents Them

From Alternative für Deutschland AfD:

Die AfD wird für immer mehr Menschen in Deutschland nicht nur zur echten Alternative, sondern auch zur politischen Heimat. Die Zahl unserer Mitglieder steigt kontinuierlich und mit zunehmender Tendenz an, während sie bei den Altparteien konstant sinkt. 

Wir sind Menschen aus dem Leben, Bürger unseres Landes, die in den vergangenen fast vier Jahren Probleme und Gefahren in allen politischen Themenfeldern erkannt, und diese klar benannt haben.

Die Alternative für Deutschland ist nicht weniger als die historische Chance, die gravierenden Fehlentwicklungen zu stoppen und umzukehren. Doch das gelingt uns nur gemeinsam, mit Ihrer Hilfe. Packen Sie mit an, werden Sie noch heute Teil unserer Gemeinschaft, werden Sie ein Mitglied der#AfD!

Better Weather

From US National Weather Service Kansas City Missouri:

What a crazy Holiday weekend of weather we had that included sleet, freezing fog, >60° temperatures on Christmas, and a line of showers & storms producing 40-60mph winds in its wake. As we leave that chaos behind us we have a week of beautiful weather coming our way. Temperatures will remain above average in the 40-50s with plenty of sunshine through Friday.

Mass graves of tortured civilians found in Aleppo – Russian MoD

Mass graves with dozens of bodies of civilians subjected to brutal torture have been discovered in Aleppo neighborhoods left by militants, the Russian Defense Ministry said Monday.




Sunday, December 25, 2016

Bitter Rivalry of the Past

From National Mall and Memorial Parks:

You think politics are nasty today? The election of 1800 set a new low for vicious commentary. 

Back in 1776, John Adams happily assisted Thomas Jefferson with the Declaration of Independence. As the American republic matured, political differences eventually destroyed their friendship. 

Adams was elected president in 1797. He ran for reelection in 1800 in an extremely bitter campaign against his Vice President, Thomas Jefferson. Adams called Jefferson “a mean-spirited, low-lived fellow, the son of a half-breed Indian squaw, sired by a Virginia mulatto father.” Jefferson's surrogates claimed Adams had a "hideous hermaphroditical character,” and was, “a fool, a hypocrite, a criminal, and a tyrant.”

After a single term, Adams lost the election. He was so embittered over the loss, he left Washington before Jefferson took office.




Display of National Unity and Continuity

From National Mall and Memorial Parks:

On inauguration day, the outgoing and incoming president will ride together from the White House to the Capitol building in a show of national unity and continuity. 

President Andrew Jackson initiated this tradition in 1837 when he escorted his vice president and soon-to-be president, Martin Van Buren, in a luxurious carriage fashioned from oak beams of the ship Constitution. 

While the tradition endures, it was not an altogether comfortable ride for Van Buren. Andrew Jackson was a very popular president. The crowd cheered mostly for Jackson, overshadowing the new president and foreshadowing Van Buren’s eventual defeat in the next election.




David A.R. White Makes Good Choice

From Fox News:

On "FOX & Friends Weekend," faith and family filmmaker David A.R. White talked about what it’s like being religious in Hollywood, and shared a meaningful quote from "God's Not Dead 2."



Sen. Rand and Kelley Paul's Christmas Message for 2016

Fake news crusade? Facebook fact checkers have financial ties to Clinton...

'I stayed home with child, shocked now': Singer from Alexandrov choir di...

Russian Tu-154 plane crash: First VIDEO from rescue operation in Black Sea

Russian military plane with 92 on board crashes en route to Syria

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Merry Christmas to the Heroes of Everyday Life!

From Alternative für Deutschland AfD:

Wir wünschen Ihnen ein besinnliches und friedliches Weihnachtsfest. Insbesondere sind unsere Gedanken bei denjenigen, die Weihnachten nicht im Kreise der Familie, sondern beispielsweise an ihrem Arbeitsplatz verbringen müssen. Ihnen danken wir dafür, dass sie ihren Dienst für die Menschen in Deutschland tun und wünschen ihnen ein möglichst stressfreies Weihnachtswochenende!

All unseren Mitgliedern, Unterstützern und denen, die es vielleicht noch werden, wünschen wir selbstverständlich ebenfalls frohe Weihnachten. Erholen Sie sich gut, damit wir im kommenden Jahr gemeinsam durchstarten können! 

The Difference between Private Enterprise and Government

From Bastiat Institute:

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Hard to Believe, but our Universities have many such People

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Horrible Christmas Weather

From US National Weather Service Kansas City Missouri:

Widespread Dense Fog throughout the region this morning with Freezing Fog over much of NW Missouri to include the KC Metro area. Reports of multiple accidents due to slick roads have already been reported so please use caution as you travel this Christmas Eve. The fog should start to dissipate late in the morning with warming temperatures throughout the day into the mid 40s expected. 

Don't be surprised if you hear a few rumbles of thunder early Christmas morning as a warm frontal boundary pushes through overnight. Christmas day temperatures will climb to the lower to mid 60s behind the warm front leading to the development of strong to severe thunderstorms over central Kansas that will push into the KS/MO border near to just after sunset. Damaging winds are the main threat with these storms as they move through.

Friday, December 23, 2016

Closing the Wage Gap

From The Sarcastic Libertarian:

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Christmas Weekend Weather

From US National Weather Service Kansas City Missouri:

OK, because at least one of you has been naughty this past year we're not going to have a white Christmas. Thanks a bunch. Santa may have to wade through mud instead of snow. Will probably be done in record time with that 100 mph tail wind. 

What a huge difference a week makes. Last Sunday anyone caught outdoors froze their rear ends off with wind chills 20 below zero. Fast forward to Christmas and we're now talking about early Springlike temps and maybe some strong storms. We've slowed the arrival time by a handful of hours and I suspect we'll be adjusting them some more tomorrow. Our main concern is the threat of damaging winds. It's going to be windy even when there are no storms. I bet a few oblong shaped items will travel pretty far when kicked. Stay tuned.