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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving from Senator Ted Cruz

From Senator Ted Cruz:

#Thanksgiving is a time of profound reflection and gratitude. As families and loved ones in #Texas and across the country gather together, let us all stand united in recognition of the divine and enduring promise of #America – a promise that led the Pilgrims to their first Thanksgiving and that has since been sought by so many. America’s sovereignty, freedom, and providential splendor, designed by our Creator, secured by our#Constitution, and defended by our Armed Forces, act as a beacon of hope across the globe.

This Thanksgiving, like those of the past, we pause simply to acknowledge and appreciate the bounty of our Lord, our lives, and our country. Heidi and I wish a peaceful, meaningful, and joyous Thanksgiving to each of you and your families, and together, in the spirit of the Book of Psalms, we recognize that our cup runneth over.

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