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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

BIAS ALERT: Slate switches from defense of Electoral College to calling it a tool of white supremacy

What a difference four years and Donald Trump's victory make for the liberal site Slate.

Third of Washington’s Electors REFUSED to Vote For Hillary Clinton

For weeks the story has been that so-called “faithless electors” would jump ship against President-elect Donald Trump, but that’s hardly what we’ve seen today as Trump secured his historic victory. In fact, one third of Washington’s electors went against Hillary Clinton.

The ‘Staggering’ Campaign of Liberal Billionaire George Soros to Swing Local Prosecutor Elections

As part of his quest to overhaul the American justice system, liberal billionaire George Soros is targeting local prosecutor races like the one in Harris County, a large jurisdiction that includes the city of Houston.

The 16th Amendment Was A Mistake

From Liberty Memes:

via Wildest Memes Come True




Are 'Russian Hacks' the New 'WMDs'?

No matter what faceless spooks assure us, it's far from clear the Russian government directed the leaks of the DNC or John Podesta emails.

Not Entirely Consistent

From Turning Point USA:

LOL 😂😂😂 #BigGovSucks



Woman Locked Up For 49 Days Without Bail Because of a Bureaucratic Mistake

A bureaucratic nightmare takes a mother away from her young child for almost two months.